Aruba’s Best Beaches

by Esther on April 1, 2014

You can’t beat the beach, especially on Aruba! And no matter what type of beach you love to sink your toes into, this island is blessed with some of the most spectacular in the world! These are some of our favorites icon wink Arubas Best Beaches

Arashi Beach arashi 300x199 Arubas Best Beaches

Calm and clear waters are found at this most northern beach on the island, just below the California Lighthouse. This used to be a rocky beach but nature and man have turned it into a sandy paradise. It remains relatively uncrowded, with snorkelers coming to see elkhorn and brain coral. There are nice beach huts for shade  and it very accessible by car or taxi or bus.

Hadicurari hadicurari 300x225 Arubas Best Beaches

Shallow water and constant trade winds make this a popular windsurfing spot. Check out all the free-styling and daring jumps! The annual and popular Hi-Winds windsurfing competition is held here.

Palm Beach palm beach 300x200 Arubas Best Beaches

This famous beach has miles of white, sugary sand and swaying palm trees. Most of the large resorts are located here so there are excellent facilities, particularly for water sports. Enjoy beach volleyball, banana-boat rides or parasailing. All beaches in Aruba are open to the public, however beach huts and chairs on the beaches in front of the resorts are reserved exclusively for their guests. But you are more then welcome to bring along your own chair and parasol and spend the whole day on the beach.

Eagle Beach eagle beach 300x224 Arubas Best Beaches

Voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world by TripAdvisor, this is one long stretch of white sand with gentle surf, plenty of shade areas and picnic spots under the Kwihi and Grape trees. This is the ideal family beach.

Mangel Halto Beach mangel halto Arubas Best Beaches

Nestled in a hamlet, this beach is a long expanse of soft sand, shallow waters and mangroves. The perfect beach for a picnic. A weekend hangout for locals while the nearby Mangel Halto Reef is the most beautiful snorkel spot on the island. This is where we take our guest out snorkeling!

Baby Beach baby beach 300x200 Arubas Best Beaches

With water no more than 5 feet deep, man-made rocks breakwaters have created a giant wading pool. This is the perfect beach for little tykes, thanks to powdery sand that’s easy on their tender feet. On the weekends, Arubans flock here for barbeques and snorkeling. There’s a restaurant on site and you can rent snorkeling equipment, beach chairs and sun tops. We recommend bringing your own stuff since the prices to rent these objects are quite high..

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